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Nowadays, many cryptocurrencies were launched in the exchange markets, no less than 1,100 different types of cryptocurrencies, 660 of which have listed market caps of at least $100,000 but just a few currencies were created to use with real business sector and support with good marketing strategies. CRYPCC Coin is the first digital currency using the CRYPCC Ecosystem to boost up the practical usage of CryptoCurrency in the real world via the real business sectors of our 20+ years experience of partnership. CRYPCC Ecosystem Projects teamwork create ideas on short, medium and long terms are ambitious and bold. Our priority is to make cryptocurrency accessible to everybody with advanced blockchain technology under the form of CRYPCC E-Wallet and CRYPCC Payment Gateway , Web-based Application for desktop users and Mobile Application for smart device users.


To make the CRYPCC Ecosystemcomplete, we also find the landing place for coin holders.CRYPCC Ecosystem Project with combination of Co-Working Space & Digital Café (Crypto Café) in the same place is the answer to a fundamental coordination problem amongst coin holders, usage of trading any goods and services in the real world. All business processes are supported management system by blockchain technology in order to increase security, market liquidity,  distribution channel of using CRYPCC Coin, Track & Trace products, support tech startup and freelances. Especially, people who using online social networking website/mobile application that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world such as MeetUp and GotoMeeting Application, as well. Crypyo Cafe & Co-Working Space is the best business combination  that we’ve been chosen due to coffee is the world number 2nd of commodity product after petroleum commodity (Ref. Investopedia, RogersFamilyCo) for many years. Cultivated in over 70 countries by thousands of independent farmers, coffee is one of the oldest commodities in the world. In term of trade volume and over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. (Ref. Wikipedia). It is produced in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa.


Source : RogersFamilyCo – The top ten most traded commodities